images Open Garden 2019
Camellias bloom here from late February to late April, also the Hellebores are in color, and most of the magnolias in bloom.
Rhododendrons and Azaleas can see best between April 20 and May 30, most species thrive than exuberant.
Roses & Perennials normally start around 30 May to late June, and re-bloom around early August.
In June, the rule is "Roses-month"

Calendar 2019

19 - 26 may (13u00 - 18u00)
9 june (13u00 - 18u00)
10 june (13u00 - 18u00)
16 june (13u00 - 18u00)
23 june (13u00 - 18u00)
*National Garden days
29 - 30 june (10u00 - 18u00)

*the entrance is 3.00 euro/press.
(this price also apply to groups)

*** During the open garden days you can buy plants of our well-cared assortment from own garden.
Species of ferns, hellebore, camellia, fixed and oriental plants.
Its possible to consume drinks at our terrace.

FOR VISIT WITH GROUPS please reserve by E-MAIL.(As from may up to august)
On September we are closed!

Groups must reserve in time.
Min. 10 visitors or 30,00 euro.
The contribution will be paid collective by the delegate, or responsible of the organisation
or group by arrival.
Take into account please, that
a guided tour confiscates approx. 0h30, depending
on the scope of the group.
Consumer at reservation only for maximum 30 persons!
(to mention at reservation of the group visit)
Soft drink / coffee / tea / wine / beer / cake/ pastry making or convened rolls.
Prices are only on application.

On Wednesday 1 May 2019 we will stand on the „Plant Day” of the field „Bokrijk”.
(B3600 Genk)

Important note:

* because of the vulnerability of different rare and delicate plants:
house animals have not been permitted!
- children have been only permitted under supervision of an adult
(small children to the hand please)

- walk the garden only by means of paths and gazons
- want you to see the plants remote of the paths a bit more closely,
ask us, we accompany you further
(random running damaged underlying and rare fixed plants)
- pick of no seeds or slips flowers without authorisation of the owners, question it simply!

(please here to take into account)

Guy & Danielle