Oriental plants
contrasting plants in a garden


Fixed undergrowth in a garden is a must, you can call the finish of your garden.
There would not be finished without a garden.
Some like clean and simple, others again from cottage ......
Interest for sale is different for every one!?
With regard to this garden, we have consciously chosen for them;
a customized and natural undergrowth which includes a wide range. This rare and exotic plants are included, of course, quite hardy species.
They give emphasis to different view points of the garden concept.

Zantedeschia „Yellow Form”
Zantedeschia „Yellow form”

Cardiocrinum Giganteum
Cardiocrinum giganteum

About perennials is much to tell and this infinitely extended,
There are thousands of species of perennials, not raised to be a whole story to make.
Each species has its concerns as demands put and soil.
For those who want to delve into that, there is enough information available on the Internet and / or books

paeonia species "Obovato Gun Shou"

Also, tubers are incorporated herein. As an example we give the giant lily, who is more than two meters below.
To flourish, he needs about five years, then he usually dies and forming new tubers once again ......

Anything that is alive, incl. Ground-covers and non-woody parts or branches to grow, can be regarded as permanent planting.
Also hear hereby ferns, evergreen or not, it's a range that is too large to go into it more deeply.
Who wants to delve into, can look quite as much as possible and certainly gardens which are open to visit.
This gives a better picture of what you want to accomplish in your own garden.

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