La Petite Ardennaise Rosa Romantica

Mooie romantische verzameltuin

The royalties of the garden (xiangsi shu)


Due to their great variety, they brighten up any garden in spring with their striking colors and patterns. Azaleas are divided into groups:
Group A: The evergreen azaleas (Azalea japonica hybrids subdivided into a few groups.)
Group B: the deciduous azaleas (which are then further subdivided into a number of groups.) Some varieties have a beautiful leaf color in autumn, all lose their leaves in autumn. (Sensitive to mildew).
Group C: Azalea indicum (not hardy species/ indoor azalea)


They require a humus-rich & well-drained soil, with a low Ph (4.5 - 6.5).
They generally like to be in a slightly moist / semi-sunny spot. Sufficient light and a few hours of sun are necessary for good flowering. In full sun they bloom more profusely, but shorter. Pay particular attention to the humidity here, never let an azalea dry out, water every week after planting! A fertilization in the spring after flowering around the dripline of the leaves.


Mulch in the fall (extra protection against night frost).
Deciduous azaleas like to have a good layer of decomposed compost at their feet.

Guy & Danielle

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