La Petite Ardennaise Rosa Romantica

Mooie romantische verzameltuin

A bygone love returned in gardens

The rhododendron is a family of the heather (Ericaceae) and with thousands of cultivated species. They are acid-loving plants. (PH 4.5-6.5)

Rhododendrons are mostly found in the wild in mountain areas and moist humus-rich forest environments. Through breeding, they have been transformed into beautiful hybrids and cultivars throughout history. The variety of floral splendor is enormous.
However, most varieties are suitable for partial shade (on forest edges with morning or evening sun), in sandy, humus-rich and moist soil.
Others such as the Yakushimanum hybrids, recognizable by the felt layer on the underside of the leaves, which serves to prevent evaporation of the leaves, and tolerates a sunny and drier location. In my experience the flowering period is shorter and the colors are much sharper, the other way around the flowering is rich again. Most are completely hardy to our regions.


Does not need to be pruned, only the breaking out of spent flowers and possibly a shape pruning after flowering!
Apply a mulch layer of leaves and/or chopped wood at the base of the shrub in the autumn or spring to prevent the roots from drying out. In case of prolonged drought, give the root ball a good watering in good time. Rhododendrons like a regular shower of the foliage. As fertiliser, you give a nitrogen-poor diet. (NPK 4-8-12) Organic material such as compost or humus with a low Ph content is certainly recommended.
Only give magnesium and potassium in the autumn (e.g. Patent-kali).


Some rhodos are biennial, i.e. flowering can skip a year, others leave four to five
years before they start (more exceptional species), and then suddenly they display their floral splendor.
Definitely worth it for those who have patience! It is best to ask a specialist grower. In winter when frost sets in with very low temperatures, they curl their leaves into tubes to prevent drying out or burning.

Guy & Danielle

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