La Petite Ardennaise Rosa Romantica

Mooie romantische verzameltuin

The Queen of flowers
Rosa Romantica


A rose shows its splendor in flowers from late May until late autumn. We mainly try to meet the needs of the rose itself, which is not always obvious. Airy, sunny and well drained!
A good start and care are therefore a necessity.
The message is: give a rose to her liking, and she will be grateful to you for a very long time.


Prolonged rainfall can damage the flowers, white roses often suffer.
Our range consists of approximately 165 specimens, which in itself requires a lot of work and care to keep them beautiful and healthy.


Some golden rules for healthy roses:

* A slightly alkaline soil of Ph 6.5 - 7.0 is desirable.
* A well-drained clay-sandy soil. A rose does not like wet feet!
* A sunny location.
* A rose likes an airy environment.
* Pick dead flowers.
* Remove and destroy diseased leaves in time.
* From the end of March, fertilize organically, about 100 to 150 gr/m2, with a high nitrogen content (e.g. NPK 10-12-18+2Mg (magnesium)
* Do not fertilize after July.
* From the end of March, you can treat the roses with a fungicide against the most common diseases, with an interval of 3 to 4 weeks.
* An adapted insecticide to be used against aphids.
* The roses are pruned in early spring, from the end of February when there is no frost, so prune very early!
* Loose or raised rhizomes due to frost, press back below ground level.
* Prune deeply enough to encourage new shoots.
* Remove dead and diseased wood!

Guy & Danielle

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